In Hinduism, several trees and plants hold significant religious importance. It is said that planting certain trees or plants at the house or in the office often has various religious significance and purposes. Today, we will talk about one such plant that is commonly found in every household in the country. The name of the plant is Money Plant. It is often believed that having a Money Plant at home not only brings happiness and prosperity but also brings wealth to the household.

People keep Money Plant in their houses with the expectation of happiness, prosperity and wealth. Let us today learn from astrologer Pandit Girjesh Chaturvedi about the right direction in which the plant should be placed and the benefits of keeping it in your house.

In an interview with Local 18, Pandit Girjesh Chaturvedi explained that people who are facing financial issues or who are unable to save money despite trying hard for a longer time should keep a Money Plant at home. He added that it is a symbol of wealth. Pandit Girjesh Chaturvedi said, “Money Plant pleases Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. Those who keep the plan in their home not only get happiness and prosperity in life but also never face a shortage of money.”

In the interview, Pandit Chaturvedi stated that the Money Plant should be placed in the Southeast direction of the house as it is auspicious to place the plant there. It is said that keeping the Money Plant in the right direction ensures a constant flow of positive energy in the home.

According to Vastu Shastra, the Money Plant should never be placed in the northeast direction of the house. The astrologer also stated that when planting the Money Plant, one should ensure that its vines grow upwards. If the vines grow downwards, it can lead to negative effects.

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