Many of us have dreamt of owning our own small business at some point in our lives. Some tried and failed, some didn’t even try and some got busy in their lives so much so that they forgot about the idea of entrepreneurship. The problem is that most of us know what to do but lack the understanding of the process to get where we want to be. We might become an entrepreneur but how to align wealth with our goals? We spoke with two prominent authors Dr Ameet Parekh, Serial Entrepreneur and Global Leading Business Coach, and Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author and Global Leadership Expert, who have recently launched a book named Secret of Wealthpreneurs and created a comprehensive framework to guide entrepreneurs.

Fix the right problem

According to the authors, the foundation of a successful wealth-generating business lies in solving the right problem. Identifying a problem that affects and resonates with a large audience is significant. By offering a product or service that addresses the needs of millions or even billions of people, entrepreneurs position themselves for substantial scalability and success. “Large corporations and unicorns that have achieved unprecedented growth often excel in this area. By focusing on a problem with mass appeal, entrepreneurs increase their chances of building a thriving business and creating substantial wealth,” they said.

Amend strategies

The authors believe strategic planning is the cornerstone of any successful business. We need well-defined strategies in three critical areas: marketing, sales, and operations. A robust marketing strategy ensures brand visibility, credibility, and lead generation. Effective sales strategies involve creating a structured sales process, appropriate pricing, closing techniques, handling objections, and highlighting unique selling points. Meanwhile, sound operational strategies focus on delivering high-quality products and services, efficient customer service, and standardized procedures. By optimizing these strategic elements, entrepreneurs can foster predictability, scalability, and sustainable growth within their businesses, they co-author in the book.

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Build the right team

Many business owners fall into the trap of wearing multiple hats within their organizations, handling various roles and responsibilities. Building a capable team to shoulder these tasks and foster business growth. The authors believe that hiring the right individuals with complementary skills and expertise is paramount. Establishing a positive and empowering company culture encourages team members to perform at their best. Entrepreneurs must learn when to retain top talent, provide opportunities for growth and development, and when to make tough decisions about underperforming team members. Building a reliable and motivated team is essential for creating a sustainable wealth-generating business.

Strong foundation

Solid foundations are crucial to long-term success in any venture. The authors together advise entrepreneurs to establish well-structured processes and review systems across all aspects of their businesses. “Ad hoc approaches can hinder growth and lead to inefficiencies. By implementing organized and systematic frameworks, entrepreneurs can ensure that every function within their business operates smoothly. This strong foundation sets the stage for future expansion and success, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on scaling their operations without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction,” they said.

Solve cash flow troubles

Cash flow management is a vital aspect of wealth generation, the importance of generating sufficient revenue to cover expenses, investments, and debts, leaving room for free cash flow. Healthy cash flow allows entrepreneurs to reinvest in their businesses growth or reap profits as a reward for their efforts. “Heavy reliance on loans can burden a business, hindering its potential for growth and long-term success. Entrepreneurs must strive to create an operating cash flow from selling products or services, ensuring a stable and sustainable financial position,” they said.

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