Trying to attract wealth and good fortune by following some age-old remedies, then here are some kitchen essentials that have the ability to attract money. According to many cultures and traditions around the world, it is believed that certain foods and spices have mystical properties to attract wealth and prosperity. Here are some kitchen essentials that can enhance the financial luck and abundance.


Rice is a staple food in many cultures and holds significant symbolism related to abundance and prosperity. In Asian cultures, especially, rice is often associated with wealth and fertility due to its role in sustaining life and providing sustenance. Keeping a jar of uncooked rice in the kitchen is believed to symbolize a constant flow of wealth and food into the household. Interestingly, in India rice is considered as God’s own food and is often used to make kheer as a offering to almighty to seek blessings.


Cinnamon is not only prized for its aromatic flavor but also for its historical use in rituals related to prosperity. It is believed that sprinkling cinnamon in your wallet or around your kitchen can attract financial blessings and increase wealth. The sweet and comforting scent of cinnamon is also said to stimulate success and achievement.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have been used in various cultures for their purported ability to attract money and bring good fortune. Placing dried bay leaves in your wallet or keeping them in the kitchen is thought to invite financial stability and prosperity. Some traditions also involve writing financial wishes on bay leaves and burning them as a form of manifestation.


Basil is not only a versatile herb in culinary applications but also holds significance in many spiritual practices. In some cultures, particularly in India, basil (or tulsi) is revered for its protective and auspicious properties. Keeping a basil plant or dried basil leaves in the kitchen is believed to attract wealth and ward off negative energies that could hinder financial growth.


Ginger is celebrated not only for its culinary uses but also for its association with prosperity and success. It is believed that consuming ginger or using it in cooking can bring luck and attract financial opportunities. Ginger's fiery and invigorating qualities are said to ignite ambition and drive, essential for achieving financial goals.


Salt has been valued throughout history for its preservative properties and essential role in human life. Beyond its practical uses, salt is also associated with purification and abundance. In many cultures, sprinkling salt in the corners of rooms or around the kitchen is believed to ward off negativity and invite prosperity. Salt is also used in rituals to cleanse and attract positive energy.

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