In recent years, with the steady growth of financial literacy and access to financial markets, mutual funds (MFs) have become an incredibly popular option for Indian investors. They often serve as the preferred avenue of investment for individuals seeking to grow their wealth. In fact, according to the Association of Mutual Funds in India, on April 30, 2024, the Assets Under Management (AUM) of the Indian Mutual Fund Industry stood at a monumental 57.26 trillion. With the AUM only standing at 9.45 trillion on the same date in 2014, we can see that growth during the past decade has been extraordinary.

However, despite the overwhelming growth of mutual funds in India, many individuals find it difficult to successfully track their MF investments. Especially with people investing across asset management companies (AMC) through diverse platforms, effectively monitoring investments can be strenuous. In the face of such a challenge, consolidating your MF holdings can serve as the ideal solution, giving investors a centralized view of their investments and simplifying personal finance management.

In Episode 3 of Mint Money Shots, Neil Borate, Deputy Editor, Mint explains how you can generate a consolidated account statement (CAS) across various platforms to get a comprehensive view of your mutual fund investments. Here are some details below as well, in case you find it easier to read than watch.


Getting the Bigger Picture: The NSDL-CAS Platform

To generate a consolidated account statement (CAS) using the NSDL-CAS platform, investors need to follow a few simple steps outlined below.

You need to visit the NSDL-CAS website ( and subscribe to the eCAS services. Upon subscription, you will receive the CAS statement via email on a monthly basis. You can also generate it whenever needed by navigating to the “Track your CAS” section on the NSDL-CAS website. Simply provide your CAS ID, PAN, and email address, select the desired statement date, and submit the request.

The NSDL CAS provides an all-encompassing overview of your investments in the securities market, including equity shares, mutual fund units, bonds, and government securities held in demat form, as well as mutual fund units held in non-demat form. This includes all the investments made in single or joint names where you are the only or first holder, providing a truly unified and detailed view of your investment portfolio.

A Comprehensive View: The CAMS/KFIN-CAS Platform

For the CAMS/KFIN-CAS platform, the process of generating your CAS is slightly different. Visit the CAMS platform ( and navigate to the “MF Investors” section. After doing so, find and select the “CAS - CAMS + KFIN” option, and choose the type of CAS you prefer, either summary or detailed. Enter the desired date for the statement, provide your email, set a password for the soft copy you will receive via email, and submit the request. Upon submission, CAMS and KFIN will send you a copy of the e-CAS to your registered email, providing a detailed and comprehensive view of your current holdings across all mutual funds.

Providing Ease and Convenience: The MFCentral Platform

Prioritizing user experiences above all else, the MFCentral platform massively simplifies the process of generating your CAS. To use the MFCentral platform, you need to visit and log in or sign up for an account using your PAN and either your email or phone number. Then simply navigate to the “Statements” section and select the type of CAS you want, either summary or detailed. Finally, enter the desired date for the statement and download your CAS with ease.

Simplify Your MF Investments With an All-In-One Approach

Consolidating your mutual fund holdings into a single, centralized view is essential for effective investment tracking and financial management. By leveraging sophisticated modern platforms such as NSDL-CAS, CAMS/KFIN-CAS, and MFCentral, you can gain access to user-friendly solutions that allow you to generate detailed consolidated account statements. Packed with powerful features, these platforms ensure you always have a clear and unified picture of your diverse MF investments. As the mutual fund ecosystem in India continues to flourish, these platforms allow you to streamline your finances, consistently stay informed, and make strategic investment decisions to achieve much greater economic growth.

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