Gold rallies on rate cut expectations amid US economy slowdown

Spot gold rose on Friday despite US inflation data, anticipating rate cuts amid a weakening US economy. US CPI and PPI Final demand were below forecasts. US Fed Chair Powell remains optimistic about inflation. US Philadelphia Fed business outlook was below expectations. Fed officials hold varying views on rate adjustments.

The growing threat of 'smishing' and how to protect yourself from it

Cybercrime is like Hydra of Greek mythology — chop off one of its heads, and a new one grows in its place. We have yet to solve the problem of phishing attacks.According to numerous research reports, phishing attacks are a major contributor to account takeover (ATO) attacks, with nearly 80% of ATO incidents originating from phishing emails. These attacks often involve spear phishing, where hackers research their targets to craft convincing...

'Can't answer sitting here': FM Sitharaman's to stock broker who says 'Govt is my sleeping partner'

FM Sitharaman found herself in a tricky situation when a broker made a couple of 'funny questions' about high GST & taxes imposed by the govt. The broker pointed out the significant tax burden on stock market operations and real estate transactions. He also labeling the government as a 'sleeping partner' that reaps benefits without sharing the operational burdens. Watch!

9 simple tips to maintain a money plant at home

In many cultures, a healthy money plant is seen as a sign of growth and financial stability in the home. But sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, the plant can have stunted growth or might rot due to a few mistakes. Here we list 9 simple tips to maintain a money plant at home.

Stocks to buy or sell: GAIL to Ashok Leyland — Sumeet Bagadia recommends three stocks for May 21

Stocks to buy or sell: Sumeet Bagadia has recommended buying these these breakout stocks on May 21 — Hindalco, GAIL and Ashok Leyland

I invested most of my salary for 7 years and had enough to retire at 29. My best tips: start young, take risks and don't settle in expensive cities.

A former VP at JP Morgan shares how he was able to achieve financial freedom by 29 because of these five things.

An American couple built a $1 million portfolio and retired in their 40s. Here's how they did it.

Jim White shared how he reached FIRE — Financial Independence, Retire Early — and retired at 43.

Google Wallet vs Google Pay: Key differences

Google Wallet has been officially unveiled in India. The digital wallet gives you quick access to movie tickets, boarding passes, loyalty cards and other options. You can now download and use the Google Wallet from the Play Store in India. However, you might wonder if Google Wallet replaces Google Pay or what the key differences are between the two digital services. Here are some of the key differences between Google Wallet and Google Pay...

BJP roars 'POK is ours': Is this political rhetoric or does the party have a plan? Experts debate on Rahul Kanwal's show

The top focus of this episode of Newstrack is on the Modi government's promise to integrate Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) into India.

Asking Millionaire Women How They Got Rich

I met some of the world's richest women to learn exactly how they made their millions... Follow me on IG: Dr. Traci Lynn - Margarita - Iani Silveira -

Brain teaser: Can you solve this simple maths puzzle?

The internet offers puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers. Solving brain teasers improves cognitive function and mental agility, enhancing memory and problem-solving skills in daily routines. By incorporating brain teasers into daily routines, individuals can maintain cognitive health, sharpen their minds, and enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming mental challenges. Solve this puzzle and check your IQ.

Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat: With ₹17-crore assets, Warring richest in fray

Punjab Congress president Raja Warring is the richest candidate in Ludhiana with assets worth ₹17 crore, followed by AAP's Pappi and Independent Brar.

How crypto is creating a new wealth effect

How much that extra cash gives them confidence to spend more - a phenomenon economists call the wealth effect - is a hot topic whenever crypto prices are surging. A group of researchers tried to quantify it and determined that crypto bonanzas in the US aren't exactly spent like windfalls from winning the lottery. And so far, the effect has been relatively modest on the $28 trillion American economy. But if the asset class continues to boom, the...

Want to retire rich? Avoid these four financial mistakes when you are young

Starting early on retirement savings is crucial for long-term financial security, taking advantage of compound interest to grow your savings over time

Upcoming Dividend Stocks: Up to Rs 134 payout; know ex-date, record date and payment date - FULL LIST

Upcoming Dividend Stocks in May 2024: More than 10 companies will be in the news next week on account of their next corporate action. Check the full list.

This airline is giving its staff 8 months of salary as bonus

Singapore Airlines will reward its staff with eight months of salary as bonus after posting record profits this year. This is a significant increase from the 6.65-month bonus awarded to employees last year, reported Business Insider. A source with knowledge of the matter confirmed to CNN that this year, employees can expect to get nearly eight months of salary as bonus from Singapore Airlines. The source requested anonymity as the bonus has not...

How Much Cash Should You Travel With?

Ever wonder how much money you should take with you when you travel? Here is what we do. Join this channel to get access to perks: #travel #budgettravel #travelsafety Copyright Mark Wolters 2023 Learn how to plan your travels like we do with our Travel Planning 101 Course: Grab some Wolters World travel gear Help Us Keep Make More Honest Travel Videos: Hey There Fellow Travelers! Thank you for watching our honest travel vlogs from all over this wonderful world. If you would like to get in contact with us please follow us & send us a message via our social media channels below. Also, if you like our travel videos please feel free to share them with other fellow travelers. You can find us all over the internet: Travel Advice & Destinations: Food Travel Videos: Travel Tips: Business Education: Tiktok: Instagram: Jocelyn's Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin:

After Beating Azim Premji, Savitri Jindal Becomes The 4th Richest Person In India | N18S | CNBC TV18

Five months after beating Azim Premji in net worth, Savitri Jindal — the richest woman in the country — has once again improved her rank among billionaires in India. This time by overtaking another software magnate — Shiv Nadar of HCL Technologies. Yoosef K has more#rich #richest #india #azimpremji #savitrijindal #mukeshambani #billionnaire #jindal #cnbctv18digital#businessnews #businessnewstoday #businessnewsinenglish #sharemarkettoday #cnbctv18 🔴CNBC TV18 LIVE TV: to our Channel:👑 Check Out Top CNBC TV18 Playlist Videos: 🔹Lok Sabha Elections 2024:🔹CNBC TV18 Digital Podcast:🔹Sounding Board: 🔹International Videos:🔹CNBC TV18 Market Cafe:🔹CNBC TV18 Digital:🔹CNBC TV18 Weekend Special:🔹CNBC TV18 Next-Gen:🔹Overdrive Show:🔹Young Turks:🔹Starup Streets: can also connect with CNBC-TV18 News OnlineCatch the latest news: CNBC-TV18 round the clock: updated with all the market action in real time: can also stay updated with all the latest news on-the-go with CNBC-TV18 Minis: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: us on: Linkedin: CNBC-TV18:

Is There Any Tax On Alimony You Are Paying Or Receiving? Here's The Answer

Divorces are emotionally and financially draining experiences. They involve not just the investment of time, energy, and emotions but also significant financial implications. In India, one crucial aspect of divorce proceedings is alimony, and understanding how it’s calculated and whether it’s taxable is essential. What is Alimony? Alimony refers to the financial support provided to a spouse after a divorce to help them with their maintenance,...

Good news for King Charles: His personal net worth sees dramatic surge, and it's far more than Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles is now the 258th wealthiest person in the United Kingdom, with an estimated net worth of $770 million.

​10 habits that are draining you financially ​

​Discover how seemingly minor habits can significantly impact your finances over time. Learn to identify and address these to save more and live better.​

8 habits seen in rich and successful people

Successful and rich people often have some essential habits that help them effectively achieve their goals and desires. Here, we have got 8 such habits that can help you become wealthy and achieve success.

What Is A PPF Account? Features, Eligibility, And All You Need To Know

Any Indian resident is eligible to open a PPF account. Only one account can be opened nationwide, whether through the post office or any bank. Below is a step-by-step guide for opening a PPF account online.

Under a thousand: A super basic, super handy magnetic wireless power bank

Affordable wireless charging on the go? Look no further than the Amazon Basics Wireless Power Bank.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 phase 5: Richest and poorest candidates in fray

Four phases of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections have concluded, with the fifth phase scheduled for May 20. In this phase, a total of 695 candidates will contest elections across 8 states and union territories. According to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), 227 of these 695 candidates (33%) are Crorepatis, possessing assets exceeding ₹1 crore.

Amazing Money Plant Climbing Designs to Try in Your Home Decor | Indoor Money plant//GREEN PLANTS

Amazing Money Plant Climbing Designs to Try in Your Home Decor | Indoor Money plant//GREEN PLANTS @GreenPlants5 In this video, we explore creative and stylish money plant climbing designs to enhance your home garden and bring good fortune. We showcase unique ways to incorporate money plants into your home decor. Watch as we provide step-by-step instructions and design inspiration to help you to grow and train money plants for a stunning indoor garden with these beautiful trellis plants ideas. #greenplants #moneyplant #climbing #trellis #pothos #moneyplantdecorationideas #gardeningideasforhome #plants All Videos Playlists 1.Hanging Plants 2.Water Garden Ideas 3.Snake Plants Growing Ideas 4.Plants Decoration 5.Hanging Garden Ideas 6.Money plant Decoration 7.Tabletop Planter 8.Potting Ideas 9.Planter Ideas 10.Water Fountain Ideas 11.Home Garden Ideas 12.Flower Garden 13.Lucky Bamboo Ideas 14.Coconut Bonsai 15.Update Video 16.Airlayring and Grafting 17.Bougainvillea Bonsai 18.Money plant growing tips 19.Bonsai 20.Bonsai at Home 21.Easy Bonsai Growing Tips 22.You Can Start Bonsai

NPS vs PPF: Which One Is Better For Securing Your Future?

Retirement is closer than you think. Saving for the future is the best financial strategy for a stable old-age life. Though there are various financial instruments available in the market, two government-backed schemes are the most prominent — Public Provident Fund (PPF) and National Pension System (NPS). Here’s a detailed comparison of both schemes for you.Safety vs. GrowthPPF: Guaranteed returns by the government, like savings account...

7 money-saving tips for housewives

Managing a household budget efficiently is crucial for housewives to achieve financial stability and maximize savings. Creating a budget, meal planning, using coupons and cashback, reducing utility costs, embracing DIY projects, shopping smart, and having an emergency fund are all key strategies to save money and avoid financial dependence on a spouse. These tips help housewives make the most of their family's finances and ensure their own...

Now I Get It: See how Gen Z became the passive-income generation

They came of working age amid crises and change, soaring inflation and cycles of job loss. They had no choice, in a sense; they also had limitless opportunity.

5 finance career options every Class 12 student should consider

Explore top finance careers like Chartered Accountancy, ACCA, CMA, Company Secretary, and Certified Financial Planner for Class 12 students.

Gold Rate Today Rises In India: Check 22 Carat Price In Your City On May 19

Gold Rate Today In India: On May 19, the cost of 10 grams of gold held firm, hovering around Rs 72,000. Pure 24-carat gold was valued at Rs 74,620 per 10 grams, with 22-carat gold maintaining its price at about Rs 68,400. In contrast, the silver market witnessed an upward, going to Rs 93,000 per kilogram.Gold rate today in India: Retail gold price on May 19Check gold rates today in different cities on May 19, 2024; (In Rs/10 grams)City22 Carat...

Wanbury Q4 Results Live : profit rise by 3211.99% YOY

Wanbury Q4 Results Live : Revenue increased by 4.84% YoY & profit increased by 3211.99% YoY

5 Tips for BROKE Travelers

Don't have money, but still want to travel? Here are some tips on traveling if you don't have a lot of money. Budget travel tips! Join this channel to get access to perks: #budgettravel #traveladvice #broketravelers Filmed in York, UK Copyright Mark Wolters 2024 Learn how to plan your travels like we do with our Travel Planning 101 Course: Grab some Wolters World travel gear Help Us Keep Make More Honest Travel Videos: Hey There Fellow Travelers! Thank you for watching our honest travel vlogs from all over this wonderful world. If you would like to get in contact with us please follow us & send us a message via our social media channels below. Also, if you like our travel videos please feel free to share them with other fellow travelers. You can find us all over the internet: Travel Advice & Destinations: Food Travel Videos: Travel Tips: Business Education: Tiktok: Instagram: Jocelyn's Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin:

5 things to keep in mind while investing in gold

Consider these five crucial points when contemplating gold investment, presenting essential insights from Piyush Gupta, Director at PPJewellers by Pawan Gupta.

Clark helps Liberty become 1st WNBA team to have $2M in 1-game ticket revenue, AP source says

NEW YORK: Caitlin Clark brought in record ticket revenue for the New York Liberty in her first game in the Big Apple on Saturday.The Liberty had over $2 million in ticket revenue for the game, a WNBA record, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to talk about the team’s revenue.The game was sold out and tickets were hot on the secondary market. Clark’s...

Do You Keep Gold At Home? Know The Holding Limits In India To Avoid Tax Scrutiny

Gold is a favourite for Indians. Even as the precious metal touches sky-high prices, it retains its popularity as an investment avenue or for gifting purposes. However, with the upcoming income tax return filing deadlines, how much gold can you safely keep without worrying about the authorities? India doesn’t have a strict limit on overall gold ownership or even on how much gold jewellery you can keep at home. However, there are certain limits...

5 ways Gen-Z investors can turbocharge their wealth planning

Gen Z is revolutionising investing with a focus on financial independence and innovation. Setting clear financial goals and seeking professional advice can help navigate the investment journey with confidence.

Oldest siblings tend to make more money. Researchers have a new theory that explains why.

Younger siblings tend to earn less money than their older siblings. Differences in early health outcomes could explain why.

Petrol, Diesel Fresh Prices Announced: Check Rates In Your City On May 19

Petrol, Diesel Prices Today On May 19, 2024: Each day at 6 am, oil marketing companies (OMCs) unveil petrol and diesel prices, unfazed by their volatility. This systematic practice, managed by OMCs, involves adapting prices to shifts in global crude oil prices and foreign exchange rates. Such a meticulous strategy guarantees consumers are kept abreast of the fluctuating fuel costs.In India, the pricing of petrol and diesel is contingent upon...

Top 10 Countries that Pay You to Live!

The United States can be an expensive place to live. Housing, transportation, healthcare, and day-to-day expenses cause many Americans to look outside the US for better and more affordable places to live. Affordable is nice, but being paid to live in some place can be even better. Yes, believe it or not, some countries will pay you to move to the country and live there. They might pay you with tax breaks, real estate, or cold hard cash. Today, we look at 10 countries that will pay you to live there. Sometimes, it is tax breaks and other incentives; other times, it is cold, hard cash. We will list these countries and how you get paid. Got it? Get it? Good. Let's take a look. Top 10 Countries That Will Pay You to Live There Countries that pay you to live there Get paid to live in another country. Do you need a local Realtor for the area you want to move to? I have teamed up with to help you find one that suits your needs. Use this link: 💰Have Questions? Do you want to help find a place that fits?? My Cash App: $World2Briggs 🔶My Other Channels: 📺 On This Day 🏡Suite Life For Briggs #unitedstates World According to Briggs, Travel, Real estate, Top 10, countries that pay you to move there, countries that pay you to live there, get paid to live in another country, get paid to live somewhere else, countries that will pay you, places that pay you to move there, best countries to move to, living abroad, Get Paid to move, expat retirement

MASTERCLASS: 10 Places Your Money NEEDS To Go As Soon As You Get Paid

Subscribe to Market Briefs for FREE and get my daily financial newsletter: ✅ Check out my products: 1. Market Briefs - Get my free financial newsletter for investors: 2. Free eBook - How To Build Wealth As An Investor here: 3. Business Accounting - Does your business do over $250k/year? If yes, get a free consultation from my partner accounting firm: Recommended: Got Paid? 7 Places Your Money NEEDS To Go What Is The Minority Mindset? "The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look. It's the mindset of thinking differently than the majority of people" ~Jaspreet Singh My recommended tools! Please note: Yes, these are our sponsors & advertisers. However, these are companies that I trust and use (or have used). The compensation doesn't affect my recommendations or advice. That being said, you should always do your own research & never blindly listen to a random guy on YouTube. ---------- ➤ Real Estate Investing Online 1) 🏠 Fundrise - Invest in real estate with as little as $10! ---------- ➤ Life Insurance 2) 🛡 Policygenius - Get a free life insurance quote: ---------- ➤ Invest In Stocks Passively 3) 📈 M1 Finance - Buy stocks & ETFs automatically: ---------- ➤ Buy Gold Passively 4) 👑 Vaulted - Buy physical gold on autopilot: ---------- Follow me: Instagram: Website: Want More 🥑🥑? Minority Mindset Clips: Minority Mindset En Español: Video host: Jaspreet Singh DISCLAIMER: This description may contain links from our affiliates, sponsors, and partners. If you use these products, we will get compensated - but there's no additional cost to you. DISCLAIMER CONT'D: I'm just a random guy on YouTube so do your own research! Jaspreet Singh is not a licensed financial advisor. He is a licensed attorney, but is he is not providing you with legal advice in these videos. This video, the topics discussed, and ideas presented are Jaspreet's opinions and presented for entertainment purposes only. The information presented should not be construed as financial or legal advice. Always do your own due diligence.

PhonePe Collaborates With LankaPay To Enable Payments Using UPI Across Sri Lanka | ABP News

India's fintech major PhonePe has teamed up with LankaPay to enable its users to make payments using UPI across Sri Lanka. Announcing the partnership at a mega event organised in Colombo, PhonePe said that its app users travelling to Sri Lanka will be able to make payments using UPI across LankaPay QR merchants. The transactions will be facilitated by the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and LankaPay National Payment Network. Users can scan...

There is three times more money in South films, but one cannot go near ‘egoistic’ directors, says Lagaan actor Pradeep Rawat: ‘Paanch feet kareeb bhi nahi jaa sakte’

Pradeep Rawat said that 'thala' directors in South are surrounded by their bodyguards, and don't allow people within five feet of themselves.

Basic Salary, Take Home Salary, Gross Salary and More: A Look at Basic Differences and Meaning

A quick guide to explain the fundamental distinctions among the terms related to your remuneration and their respective significances.

Why more US banks could collapse

Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic are among the largest bank failures in US history. But more banks could fail, according to Fed chair Jerome Powell.

Tiger Shroff, Ranveer Singh, Vicky Kaushal top the list of 10 actors with highest grossing films

In the era of the millennial actors’ dominance at the box office, the audience has relished certain movies that have not only packed a solid punch of drama and entertainment but have minted big bucks at the box office. Films such as ‘URI’, ‘War’ and ‘Padmaavat’ among others successfully kept the ticket counters ringing and how! Here’s looking at millennial actors who have delivered the highest-grossing films!Tiger Shroff – WarBollywood’s...

5 Financial Mistakes I Made in My 20's

#ad Thanks to Google Pixel for sponsoring a portion of this video Check it out at the Google Store! Check out the Pixel 8 Pro online at @madebygoogle 0:23 Mistake #1 1:15 Thank you to Google Pixel for sponsoring 3:16 Mistake #2 4:50 Mistake #3 7:00 Mistake #4 8:18 Mistake #5 Vlog Channel: Instagram: Twitter: @shelbychurch Snapchat: shelbychurch Follow me on LinkedIn: This is not financial advice. What Equipment I Use: Edited with Gling AI: For business inquiries please contact [email protected]

House Hunting In Los Angeles - What $1 Million Gets You in 2024

Today we're house hunting - I'm seriously looking and getting a feel for what is out there in my price range. Last house hunting video - what $1m gets you in the valley in los angeles: My real estate agent, Jamie's info: Jamie Tian [email protected] Thank you to the listing agents! Condo 1: Valeria Leininger and Shelley Aaronson - Southeby's Condo 2: Sloane Sanders and Kathleen Cartier - Compass Vlog Channel: Instagram: Twitter: @shelbychurch Snapchat: shelbychurch Follow me on LinkedIn: For business inquiries please contact [email protected]

I quit my corporate job after one year to return to teaching. I feel like I've chosen something I enjoy over long-term financial success.

Rachel Volk returned to teaching after quitting and trying a corporate job. She enjoys it more and feels like her own boss in the classroom.

I've been to more than 50 countries on a budget. Here are my top 3 money-saving tips.

Follow these tips to save the most money while traveling the globe. Digital nomad Meagan Drillinger swears by 3 money-saving tips after visiting over 50 countries.